Flower Meanings

Did you know that flowers have meanings? The following is a list of some interesting meanings that may help you decide which flowers to choose for your special day!

Alstroemeria – Devotion, aspiring, wealth, prosperity, fortune

Anemone – Expectation, fragile

Aster – Watchful eye, beginning, contentment & love, birth flower for September

Bells of Ireland – Good Luck

Billy Balls (Craspedia) – Good Health

Calla Lily – Beauty, magnificent beauty, regal, associated with 6th wedding anniversary

Carnation – Fascination, distinction, divine love, fidelity, birth flower for January

Celosia (Cockscomb) – Affection, singularity, silliness

Chrysanthemum – Hope, cheerfulness, optimism, rest, truth, birth flower for November

Daffodil – Unrequited love, regard, new beginnings, birth flower for March, associated with 10th wedding anniversary

Daisy (Marguerite Daisy) – “I share your sentiment”, innocence, loyal love, associated with 5th wedding anniversary

Dahlia – Treachery, elegance & dignity, good taste, associated with 14th Wedding anniversary

Delphinium – Big-hearted, fun, airy, boldness

Freesia – Innocence, spirited, careful & calm love, thoughtfulness

Gardenia – Secret love, joy, you are lovely, good luck gift to a man

Gerbera – Pretty & strong, enduring purity

Gladiolus – Strength of character, sincerity, natural grace, birth flower for August

Hyacinth – Sport, game, play, young love

Hydrangea – Perseverance, thank you for understanding

Iris – Inspiration, faith, wisdom & valor, hope, good luck gift to a man, associated with 25th wedding anniversary

Lilac – Humility, confidence

Lilies – Purity, majesty, wealth, pride, innocence

Lily of the Valley – Sweetness, a return of happiness, purity of heart, birth flower for May

Lisianthus – Calming, faithfulness

Marigold – Affection

Nigella – Perplexity

Orchid – Love, refinement, symbol for many children, ecstasy

Peony – Healing, bashfulness, happy life, associated with 12th wedding anniversary

Phlox – Sweet dreams, hope, proposal of love

Ranunculus – Radiant charm

Rose – Beauty, love, passion, perfection, birth flower for June, national flower of the United States

Snapdragon – Gracious lady

Stephanotis – Happiness in marriage, desire to travel, good luck

Stock – Lasting love, lasting beauty, bonds of affection

Sunflower – Power, adoration, devotion

Sweet Pea – Remember me, shyness, blissful pleasure, birth flower for April, associated with 30th wedding anniversary

Tulip – Perfect lover, fame

Veronica – Fidelity

Violet – Watchfulness, modesty, faithfulness, innocence, associated with 50th wedding anniversary, birth flower for February

Yarrow – Health, healing

Zinnia – Thoughts of absent friends